Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Party Poker Bonus Code

The most trusted of all online poker sites on the internet is Party Poker. This is why we have started this blog to offer players the best possible poker bonus at Party Poker.

Here is some facts about Party Poker:

  • Party Poker used to be the no.1 online poker site before the US introduced the UIGEA
  • Party Poker made a massive payment to the US goverment when the UIGEA was introduced
  • Party Poker is still one of the strongest brands in Europe
  • Party Poker offer one of the largest deposit bonuses to new players
How do you get a deposit bonus at Party Poker?

There is a few ways to get a deposit bonus at Party Poker. However the only way we can guarentee a deposit bonus is to follow the steps we took to get our deposit bonus. As this is the only one we tried and only one we know that works for sure.

First you have to find an online poker website that is affiliated with Party Poker. We advice you find a trusted website that has a strong brand and know that there Party Poker Bonus Code will work.

When we sign up we used the Party Poker Bonus Code advertised on the trusted Poker News website: This meant when we used the bonus code PNB500 we got $500 free when we deposited. I had search a bit before hand to see if I could find a better deal on a trusted website, but this was the best Party Poker Bonus Code I could find.

How do I clear a Party Poker Bonus?

The bonus is released in 10 parts as you earn Party Points. If you get a $500 bonus, the bonus will be released $50 at a time. If you get a $300 bonus, the bonus will be released $30 at a time.
  • Bonus is released in 10% increments
  • Earn 8 Party Points for every $1 of bonus
  • Bonus expires 120 days
  • Bonus Code works on your first deposit of $25 or more
What is Party Points?

Party Points is points that you can use to purchase things in the Party Poker store. You can purchase stuff such as Party Poker T-Shirts, Party Poker Baseball Caps, Party Poker Hoodies, you can even purchase tickets into online tournaments at Party Poker and much more.

You gather points by playing real money poker games at Party Poker. The rate you gain points is determined by how much you spend in rake. So the more tournaments you play or the more cash hands you play the faster you gather the points to spend in the store. And by using a Party Poker Bonus Code when signing up and depositing you will have extra money available to gain more Party Points. So its important you use a Party Poker Bonus Code when depositing.